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Orientation Day

  1. On the 9/10/14 I went to my high school at the start of the day I was a little nervous because I saw a lots of my friends from footy and talking to them was fun.

    In the first period we had a talk with the coordinators of Chisholm the house I am in. we talked about what we are going to do and talked with the people in our class.

    In the second period we had science, science was fun because we got to add different chemicals to different substances like grass and onion juice. At the end of our lesson our teacher played with dry ice by putting it in water. What happened is the dry ice with the water turned into steam.

    Then it was time for recces and what I played was soccer with all the year 8 and 9s. It was a fun playing because some of the other kids were not that fast so I could catch up and tackle them.  When the bell went no one herd it and we kept playing for about five minutes. Then everyone rushed back to class so they did not get a detention.

    In period 3 we had sport and in the sport lesson we did volley ball and we learnt how to dig and set but they forgot about the spike witch is the smash. At the end we played a match and my team won 15-12 it was a lot of fun and I hope I get to do it Again.

    In period 4 we had a tour of the school and they showed us all the blocks there showed us all the parts of the school and I liked the swimming pool.

    At the end of the day all of the Chisholm came out side of C block and we had a talk about next year and what to bring on the first day.

    So overall my orientation day was a fun and enjoyable time. It was good because we got out at 2:30PM witch is earlier then all the other schools. The END


BTN Ice Bucket Challenge

Over the past months you have seen people doing the ALS ice bucket challenge. ALS means amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Witch creates awareness for ALS. Some people do it because they have family members who have ALS and they donate money.


It is Christmas day I am very nervous I go into my mum and dads room who had there red sheets on for Christmas. I tell them to wake up because it is Christmas and I want to see my presents when I got into the lounge room I see I big strange box that is shaped like a hexagon. I got to it I opened it and inside I saw a trampoline it is what I have always wanted. Santa must off read my list I thought to my-self. My parents said that we are having a celebration. YAY

100wc #14

I was walking down memory lane when I saw my old rusted ship siting on a pile of big and sharp rocks. I remember when I was sailing it down the cost then we accidently sailed into Russia’s sea and we got shot and we washed up on shore and we could not afford to go back home. So I have live my life out her and will probably never leave because if I do I will probably be shot down again and maybe I could die and I never want that ever in my life until I am old.

Maths Mate sheet 7 Term 4 #22

Predict: I predict that this will make me use addition with decimals.

Read: Witch deal costs less per litre.

Big Question: What deal costs less.

Clarify: Nothing to clarify.

Solve: To solve this question I did 8.50 X 4 and I worked out that this is 34 so A $32 is the answer.

Summary: Over all this question made me think what to do when multiplying decimals.

BTN Australia Government

It was a busy year in Australia with plenty going on at Parliament House. Politicians said tough budget it is brutal and unfair. For the government to introduce a new bill (law), the Senate has to vote on it. Without their approval, it can’t go through. some senates have made bill harder to get through the senate and in some cases this is disappointing.

Although Tony Abbott has the power, the job mostly involves attending events and meeting lots of people. But not so long ago one of Australia’s Prime Ministers was fired by a Governor-General! His name was Gough Whitlam and this year he died aged 98.

Flash back to Camp Canberra

I couldn’t believe it when we went to the AIS which stand for the Australian Institute Of Sport. It was great seeing all the different sport facility’s that they use there such as the swimming centre were we had fun swimming in the 25m pool having free time doing whatever we wanted to do.
At the end of our tour we got mentors that took a small group to do four sports witch we would miss out on one. My group missed out on doing soccer the other sports were hockey, dodgeball and one I enjoyed sock wrestling. My favourite sport was hockey although my team lost 3-1 we all still had lots of fun passing and dribbling. There was a twist in the game witch was there were two ball in the game so you had to focus hard.
Sock wrestling was a good tiering sport were you had to try and pull your opponents sock off but to get away you had to roll around you could not kick to get away or you automatically get a sock taken off you.
I thought that the AIS was the best part of Camp Canberra.